Services for pets and pet-friendly structures

If you have a business that offers pet oriented services, ex. having a target market that is closely linked to the world of animals or you are the representative of a pet friendly structure that willingly accepts our four-legged friends, offering them spaces/services and dedicated products; the pet social network BEPUPPY can become an excellent launch platform for your business!

Our users perfectly reflect the ideal target for your business. BEPUPPY is in fact a social network designed and dedicated exclusively to animal lovers who can be highly interested in the services and products that you offer. BEPUPPY is fertile ground for pet-friendly businesses like yours, the ideal place to meet customers who need exactly what you have to offer and do not know how to find it.

Not only though! Our pet social network is also a meeting place for professionals and commercial activities, so it's the perfect place to consolidate new business partnerships based on mutual interest.

BEPUPPY in the B2B and B2C market

The potential that BEPUPPY can offer to businesses and pet-friendly facilities are really infinite; let's look at some B2B example! Are you a manufacturer of wholesale dog food? You can easily find breeders interested in reselling your product, (customers certainly more attractive in respect to final consumers). If you have an animal shop, you can start a collaboration with a pet sitter or a pet trainer or make a strong brand a loyal customer willing to become your sponsor. Do you have a hotel that allows pets? You could tighten a collaboration with a veterinarian in your city and offer an extra service and assurance to your customers who love to travel with dogs, cats or other pets.

These are just some small examples, but the potential for growth is truly enormous and available for different business categories present on BEPUPPY, among which are:

  • Pet Store: Pet shop and shops of pet articles.
  • Veterinarian: Offices, clinics and veterinary surgeons.
  • Pet Friendly: Places or generic pet-friendly structures.
  • Pet Boarding: Boarding houses for dogs and cats, daytime asylums and other structures that take care of our friends during our absences.
  • Pet Grooming: Grooming stores, professional groomers, spas for animals and other structures that are dedicated to the care of our pets.
  • Breeder: Breeders of all breeds of domestic animals.
  • Brand or product: Brands and channels dedicated to producers of articles for animals.
  • Pet Training: Training camps for dogs and other schools directed towards animal training.
  • Pet service: Photographic services for animals, pet taxis, funeral services, lawyers specialized in animal rights and other generic services addressed to the world of pets.
  • Café: Pet friendly cafés where you can drink a coffee or sip an aperitif in the company of your four-legged friend.
  • Beach: Beaches and other bathing structures where animals are allowed.
  • Hotel: Pet-friendly hotels and hotel structures that accept animals.
  • Restaurant: Restaurants or other places where you can have lunch or dinner in the company of your four legged friends.

The visibility you need

You can say that essentially there is space for everybody and there are really so many the instruments available! Geolocation allows potential customers to find you in the area where they are and promotional coupons will instead allow you to create discounts and special promotions for your followers. Coupons for BEPUPPY may be redeemed online or printed to be submitted directly to your store, it will only depend on how you decide to use them!

The structure of our business channel allows companies not only to be searched easily inside BEPUPPY, but also externally, through the most known search engines such as Google and Bing. Thanks to our affiliate in fact, companies will exponentially increase their visibility due to the indirect effect of our notoriety as a brand in the world of animals (SEO & SEM improvement).

In addition, each follower of your company or your pet-friendly structure can be constantly updated on company news, redeem your promotional offers, interact with you, review your activity, invite other pet lovers to follow you and finally to book and pay for your products or services without no commission applied on our part.

No need to be a marketing genius to understand that by registering your pet oriented activity on BEPUPPY, you have only benefits! There is no better way to promote your business if not through direct contact with companies in your sector and transmitting confidence and notoriety to final consumers.

All things that only BEPUPPY is able to offer for a niche market so close to your business' reality! If you really want to talk about marketing, the first advice that we can give you is to invite all of your customers to follow your business channel, maybe reserving a custom coupon for them, why not? You will see that your followers in turn invite other animal lovers to follow you, making your business grow, thus consolidating an active and dynamic clientele both at territorial and international level.