How does BEPUPPY work

Love animals?

If the answer is yes, you are in the right place! BEPUPPY was created to be "your home" on the web. Your point of reference, the pet social network that you just can't resist checking during your breaks. A place devoted exclusively to animal lovers, not only dogs and cats, but also hamsters, canaries, ferrets, reptiles, horses…basically any domestic animals!

Sharing is our mantra, being an animal lover does not necessarily mean sharing photos and videos of dogs and cats; or at least not just this! It means sharing the same passion and the same love for pets, exchanging information and helping in case of need, just like a big family.

The BEPUPPY family is all this! A pet social network for everyone, where you can share, watch, communicate, appreciate, ask, help, learn, have fun, get to know new people and find your friends. Here is how.

What you can do

On BEPUPPY there are the functions of the social networks that you usually use, plus you have other features, that are sometimes beta, designed to meet the needs and requirements linked to our animal friends. The interface is fully facilitated, so if you know how to use the most famous social networks you won't need to force yourself to understand how BEPUPPY works. Once you have created your profile you can:

  • Create profiles for your pets and manage them with +PetTag®. If you have understood well, from a personal profile you can manage the profiles of your animals and create albums of digital memories of your life with them. This is facilitated by the +PetTag® function thanks to which, every time that you upload content, you can simply use the tags of your pets to load everything on their profile, without having to go crazy logging in and out of a thousand profiles!
  • Adopting pets and helping less fortunate furry friends. Are you an animal lover but you don't have a four-legged friend yet? No problem! BEPUPPY doesn't prohibit people who don't have a pet from registering! On the contrary! It invites you to sign up to search for pets in adoption and help less fortunate animals, even with long distance adoptions!
  • You can search pet-friendly and professional services. Do you need a veterinarian? A dog sitter? A hotel that allows animals? A store that specializes in articles for animals? A trainer or a behavioralist? With BEPUPPY you can easily search for all these pet-friendly services, locate them on the map and get in contact with them.
  • Communicate or help solve emergencies with the alert system. BEPUPPY has developed a powerful alert system that lets users involve the whole community, especially the people in the vicinity. Users can communicate emergencies such as lost animals or poisoned bait, informing all the people close to the affected area. It is a very intelligent and useful way to take advantage of the true potential of a pet social network able to prevent and resolve any emergency linked to your pet easily.
  • Participate in the groups and connect with people who share your passions. Are you a lover of doing agility races with your dog? Fan of iguanas? Enamored with dwarf rabbits? Do you like big cats that are exotic and expensive like the Savannah? You can find groups formed by pet lovers who share your passions and connect with people who have animals of the same breed as you, with a simple!

Then what are you waiting for to join? A true lover of animals like you, is surely already ready to begin this new adventure at the side of your four-legged friends!