Pet sitter, pet trainer, pet walker and behavioralist

If you are a pet sitter, a pet trainer, a pet walker or a veterinarian, now is the time to make everyone see what you're worth, by putting yourself out there and finding new customers! If you're wondering how, the answer is very simple, just become a professional user on BEPUPPY!

Think about it: BEPUPPY is pet social network open to all pets, where their very affectionate owners are always looking for what is best for them…exactly the people you should work with! Your ideal audience is here and we give you all the features you need to expand your business and reach many animal lovers who need your services and skills.

How to become a professional user

Once registered on BEPUPPY, you can upgrade your profile and become a professional user, immediately increasing your visibility thanks to new features that you have at your disposal! Our Professional profiles, unlike business channels, are designed to meet the needs of professionals operating in person, among which are:

  • Pet Trainers: teachers and trainers;
  • Pet Sitters: People who love to take care of pets in person;
  • Pet Walkers: For those who love long walks with our four-legged friends;
  • Veterinarian: Veterinarians and behavioralists able to solve the behavioral disorders of our animal friends.


BEPUPPY really admires the work of all the people who have decided to turn their passion for pets into a job and it is precisely for this reason that it wants to help all pet-oriented professionals to achieve their goals. Our pet social network, not only offers pet sector experts a way to grow, but it wants to make them part of the mission to improve the lives of people and animals.

Despite the need for "pet specialists" growing continuously, it is equally true that it's not always easy to get noticed and find new customers. Those who can afford it go to famous pet trainers or behavioralists who have written 10 books; and those who can't call friends and relatives to be pet sitters or pet walkers during their absences. In other words, getting visibility in this field without spending a lot of capital, sometimes is really difficult. That's why BEPUPPY is here to help you out! Not only is it able to offer all the potential of a social network and the visibility that it brings, but it also offers you the opportunity to attract new customers both on a local and international level!

We firmly believe that everyone should have the possibility to easily search for a pet trainer, a pet walker, a veterinarian or a reliable pet sitter for any needs linked to their pet. And we are not just talking dogs and cats, but professionals specialized in every type of animal, even exotic animals and horses.

What we offer

Thanks to the geolocation map, users in your city and beyond, will be able to find you easily without having to resort to long hours of travel: the perfect way to bring supply and demand together in the fastest and most natural way possible! Moreover, becoming a professional BEPUPPY user you will be followed by all of the users on the site, receive reviews, and be easily identified for your specializations.

Let's take a practical example. Are you a pet sitter in Boston for dogs and cats? When a user searches for pet sitters in Boston for their cat, you will pop up; in the same way you will be present in the search results if a user searches for a dog sitter in Boston. Do you live in a tiny apartment and you cannot accommodate dogs and cats in your house? Become a pet sitter for small pets or take other people's dogs for a walk becoming a dog walker!

Finally we want to talk to you about a really interesting function: the premium channel! We are convinced that professional skills deserve the right reward, and it's precisely for this reason that we have decided to offer the possibility to our pet specialists to create premium content only visible to those who have paid subscriptions. This means that a Pet trainer, for example, may decide to create a channel full of exclusive video lessons and receive an economic compensation from all users who decide to follow the content on that channel. In the same way a behavioralist veterinarian, could offer a custom online consulting.

Last but not least, we want to remind you that BEPUPPY will not retain commission on bookings that privately organized with our users, you will be completely free to work and manage your appointments with the maximum flexibility. Thanks to BEPUPPY, you can transform your passion into a job, get yourself out there and earn for skills that only a professional like yourself can offer!

Be Professional…Be Happy!

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