Who we are

BEPUPPY is the first pet social network dedicated entirely to the world of animals. An innovative reality that is all Italian and in continuous growth.


The idea of BEPUPPY comes from Marco Martinenghi, a young, creative entrepreneur and a web expert. In 2012, Marco had the idea to create a site that offers endless possibilities for communication, which would be easy to use for everyone and that would become a point of reference for those who love animals.

Without love for creatures like dogs and cats (but also rabbits, ferrets, horses, birds, rodents, reptiles and other pets!), faithful companions and the support of the existence of many people; what was created in 2012 would have just been a series of ideas and notes and it would have never come online in 2014 as the social network for pets. The desire to help and put in communication people and associations, professionals and volunteers, using the potential of the web, is one of the main motivations for BEPUPPY to always improve and innovate.

BEPUPPY boasts an active community and is growing. It offers a flexible platform and is of great interest to web and media experts plus it is also one of the most followed pet blogs in Italy. At the beginning the "experimental" version was launched as a social network for dogs, during the three years of development the platform has become what the original project was supposed to be: an innovative pet social network that is open to any pet.


BEPUPPY offers different services and features, some of which are beta and don't exist on any other social network (like +PetTag®, which you can read about on the "How does it work" page) and is the perfect place for:

  • Animal lovers who want to share and preserve the most beautiful moments of their pets' lives or ask for help in case that they need help related to their pet;
  • Volunteers and non profit associations that seek support for projects dedicated to caring for animals, adoption and animal welfare;
  • People who seek advice and information about their favorite pets or would like to adopt a dog, cat or another four-legged friend;
  • Professionals and companies that offer pet-friendly services and products dedicated to animals.

If enter into one of these categories, BEPUPPY is the place for you! Friendship, information sharing and practical help, love for animals and passion are the foundations of this project and we are always happy to have an extra dose carried by each user who decides to join our big family.

If you need another reason, nothing remains but signing up for BEPUPPY, and seeing with your own eyes the happiness of our users, people who live with passion and love their everyday life together with their inseparable friends. We are looking forward to seeing you here, to making the life of animals and of us two legged friends, easier and happier, thanks to our technology that enhances the value of the sharing.