Nonprofit associations, volunteering and animal adoptions

BEPUPPY for nonprofit organizations

Do you have a non-profit association that takes care of pets and is committed to helping less fortunate pets by finding them a home? Then BEPUPPY can really facilitate your work and help you reach goal that you never would have thought possible! Once you are registered as a pet lover, thanks to our social network, you can create a free channel for your nonprofit organization or your volunteer association.

We wish to underline that channels for non profit-making organizations have no cost on BEPUPPY and that even volunteer groups, that are perhaps not legally constituted as associations, are always welcome in our big family. The potential of our non profit channels is truly enormous; directly through our pet social network users can make both one time and continuous donations, adopt animals at a distance or meet up to adopt in person. Nonprofit associations will thus be able to anticipate and accelerate the entrusting of animals in adoption, sending modules beforehand and interviewing the adoptive family directly online.

Verified non profits

To make sure that the donations and the long distance support for pets arrive exclusively to those who truly need them, non-profit organizations are subjected to a process of verification; only once the verification procedure is successful can they receive financial aid from our users.

Those who, on the contrary, are devoted but in a less organized way to caring for animals and aren't part of any registered association, can still use the potential of BEPUPPY to put themselves out there, search for people who want to adopt a dog, a cat or another pet (in person, not long distance) and maybe start to create the visibility that will lead to becoming more official.

We have created this service, to allow anyone who devotes their time to the care of our animal friends to get the most out of their efforts. Making your NPO better know means having greater opportunity to help with more supporters, more volunteers, more sponsors and more visibility for people in search of animals to adopt.

Our mission

Our goal is that with just a few clicks, each foundling puppy, each animal that is abandoned and needing help, can find a home, snuggles, food and a loving family that can take care of it, improving its life day by day. Each non profit association can record and associate the animals that they have momentarily in their facility with their organization. In addition, every non profit association can be localized by users, receive reviews and remain in constant contact with their supporters; showing them what happens and how the long distance adopted animals are and updating users about any news.

It is a powerful tool offered that is free of charge to those who love animals seriously and have made it their vocation. From today, thanks to BEPUPPY, it will be easier to give a home to every puppy; but not only, it will be easier to help those who need it most and especially those who are most often forgotten like older animals and mutts.

We firmly believe that kennels and other similar structures are always too crowded, all together and with the right tools, that we offer, we are convinced that things can change, and all of us together can change them!